Remote I-9: No your employee may not select their Authorized Agent

According to the USCIS website, the employer must choose the Authorized Agents for completing a remote employee From I9.

Now either you know that and your companies remote I9 process is deliberately looking the other way, or this is new news to you.

Either way, there are some steps that you and your organization can take to ensure that you meet this key compliance standard.

One develops a network of partner offices that will meet with your employee’s and complete Section 2 or Section 3 of the Form I-9. This works well for Companies that hire the bulk of their remote employee in a few centralized cities. Call on staffing offices, mailbox stores, even title companies, ask for the office manager and explain your situation.

Two if your organization uses an onboarding platform, Electronic I9 vendor background screening service, check to see what their current capabilities are. Should your vendor not have a solution suggest that find one.

Three tap into a service that provides traveling I9 Agents and/or an established brick and mortar network of offices. These networks typically provide training and support to their Agents and office network staff and make designating an Authorized Agent easy and compliant.

Finally asking your employee to use a friend, family member or colleague does not satisfy the requirement that the employer designates the Agent for section 2. Nor does tell the employee to go to a local bank or UPS store.

Form I-9 compliance for remote employees can be a challenge, looking the other way and cutting corners only puts you and your organization reputation at risk and opens you up to fines in the event of an audit.

Remote I9s The 3 Required Section 1 Fields Employees Most Often Miss and What to do About it.

If you work in the human resources department these days chances are you have come across the need to have an I9 completed for a remote employee.  

At first glance, this seems like a relatively easy task. You send an email to the employee, provide them with an I9 as well as some brief instructions and voila the employee returns an I9 that is completed correctly and on time right….


In many cases the I9 is unusable.

You can get ahead start by providing clear, concise and easy to follow process document to the employee that will help the to complete Section 1 of the I9 correctly.

Here are the 3 required fields most often missed by the employee.

1. Middle Initial

Section 1 of the From I9 is a required field, and should not be left blank. The employees should be instructed to enter in there current middle initial. In the event that the employee does not have a middle initial instruct the employee to enter in “N/A”.

2. Other Legal Last Names

Other Legal Last names is another required field often missed by employees. Employees are required to enter in any and all legal last names that they have ever been known by. Should the employee not have any other legal last names they will need to enter in “N/A”.

3. Apartment Number

Who knew that an apartment number was so critical to completing Section 1 of the I9. Most employees who do not have an apartment number will simply skip this field, however, like missing any other required field this mistake can lead to fines in the event of an I9 audit. Instruct the employee to enter in “N/A” in the apartment number field.

By providing employees with solid institutions may be enough it’s important to specify which fields the employee is required to fill out. Doing so can help HR departments to meet I9 From compliance for their remote employees.

What All I-9 Authorized Representative Need to Know About the New I9 Form

Today (07/17/2017) USCIS has released a revised Form I-9. And from the looks of it, there is little that has changed.

Like the previous version of the Form I9, Section 1 will need to be completed by the employee on or before their first day of work. Employers and their Authorized Representatives should still make sure that all the required fields are completed, and when a field is not applicable be entering in “N/A”.

Just as Section 1 of the I9 has not changed (much) Section 2 remains the same as well. Section 2 still needs to be completed via a face to face meeting with the employee and the employer or their Authorized Representative. Those employees who have remote employees and have the I9 competed remotely will need to be sure that this new I9 is being used.

With the newly revised I-9 form looking exactly the same as the previous I9 how does the I9 Authorizes Representative know that they are indeed completing the correct I9? Simply take a look at the bottom left-hand corner of the I9. On both page 1 and 2 is the I-9 revision date, which in this case is 07/17/17 N.

US employers can continue to use the old Form I-9 but will need to begging using the newly revised I9 on or before 09/18/2017.


2 Best Practices for a Remote I9 Process

2 Best Practices for a Remote I9 Process

Let's face it getting a remote I-9 completed correctly, on time and in full is not an easy thing to do. And while it is easier to cut corners and have the employee fax in their ID copies and complete the I9 in house it can lead to hefty fines in the event of an audit.

So what can your organization do to implement best practice standards with regards to your remote I-9 process?

Best Practice Number 1:

Begin your remote I9 process when ordering background screenings and your drug screens.

First your timeline. As most of us know Section 1 of the I-9 will need to be completed on or before the employee's first day of employment additionally section 2 the I-9 needs to be completed within 3 business days of the employee's first date of employment. By initiating the remote I-9 process prior to the employee's first day of employment can help an organization meet I9 compliance timelines.

Best Practice Number 2:

The organization should always select the I9 authorized representative or designate a third party vendor to work on their behalf.

Putting the responsibility on the new hire to locate an I9 authorized representative who can correctly complete the I9 is a flawed and frustrating experience. Employers should be designating the I9 representative that work on their behalf or hire a 3rd party vendor to manage the remote I9 process for the organization. Doing so help to maintain I9 compliance and makes the onboarding experience for the employee go smoothly.

Organizations that Implement these two best practices should expect happier remote employees a reduction in I9 Form errors and timelines that meet compliance.

N3 Notary Becomes Newest Member of the American Staffing Association

News Release
February 5, 2015 San Clemente CA

N3 Notary Becomes Newest Member of the American Staffing Association
N3 Notary has joined the American Staffing Association, the trade organization that represents the U.S. staffing industry. Millions of Americans go to work for U.S. staffing companies every business day.

“We want our employees, clients, and colleagues, current and future, to know that we are dedicated to providing the best Form I-9 verification process for remote hires throughout the US,” says Marc Greco, General Manager of N3 Notary“.  Joining ASA demonstrates our commitment to legal, ethical, and professional practices.”

ASA members provide a wide range of employment services and solutions.  N3 Notary specializes in providing a nationwide network of mobile Notaries for remote hire Form I-9 verification services.

More information about N3 Notary is available at

About N3 Notary
N3 Notary provides a remote hire I-9 Form verification service that is designed to help companies reach I-9 Form compliance for remote hires.  Employers can leverage a nationwide network of traveling Notary Public’s that act as the employer’s authorized agent.  All agents that partner with N3 Notary are trained, licensed, and have undergone a local and nationwide criminal background check.

About the American Staffing Association
The American Staffing Association is the voice of the U.S. staffing industry. ASA and its affiliated chapters advance the interests of staffing and recruiting firms of all sizes and across all sectors through legal and legislative advocacy, public relations, education, and the promotion of high standards of legal, ethical, and professional practices. ASA members provide the full range of employment and work force services and solutions, including temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and permanent placement, outplacement and outsourcing, training, and human resource consulting.  More information about ASA is available at

Marc Greco
General Manager
503-243-5610 X 5001

3 Advantages of Being A Part Time Mobile Notary

The Mobile Notary Signing Agent has seen more than its fair share of ups and downs of the past few years. Many folks no matter how hard they tried were for one reason of another not able to make it as a full time Mobile Notary Signing Agent.  Many of them found work in other industries and no longer provide Notary services, while other who did find work kept on keeping on and are able to provide Notary services on a part time basis.

Those folks who provide part time services have a distinct advantage over their  Full Time competitors.

1.  Part Time Mobile Notaries can offer services at lower prices compared to their full time counterparts.  Full time agents typically have only once source for income and the fewer orders they receive the higher their prices go as they must cover their operating expenses as well as their monthly living expenses.  Part time Agents with full time jobs that provide enough income to cover their living expenses do not have the same expense pressures.  As such they can charge lower rates, and capture more clients, leaving the full time Agents with fewer and fewer opportunities for new business.

2.  Part Time Agents experience less stress (in theory) with running their Mobile Notary Service. When you are running a service on the side while being employed full time you do not tend to worry about a slow day, week or month.  Typically this is a way for you to make additional money on the side and you are not counting on it as a way to make ends meet, but a means to an end.  When a full time agent has a slow month it can be devastating, when a part time agent has a slow month, meh.

3.  PTO?  When a full time Signing Agent gets sick or takes a vacation the make zero.  Part time Mobile Notaries with full time jobs may receive paid time off or PTO.  While the full time agent is sick and making themselves sicker by worrying about how to make ends meet, the part time Notary may be getting paid to hang out on a beach, sipping cocktails, working on their tan and creating awesome memories.

Part time Mobile Notary Signing Agents have some real advantages to their full time counterparts.  Price flexibility, less stress and PTO are just a few.  What other advantages do you think part time agents have?

How a Mobile Notary should communicate the ID requirements of the I-9 Form

Mobile Notaries that perform both Notarizations and I-9 verification for Remote Hires need to understand the different ID requirements of the I-9 form and what type of instructions are allowed in regards to the ID that the employee brings to the appointment.

While completing a I-9 as a Notary Public is becoming more and more common, there still is a lot of confusion on what forms of ID(s) are acceptable.  In your day to day activities informing the borrow that you will need a Driver Licensee in order to properly notarize the documents is helpful and considered part of providing excellent service.  On the other hand telling an employee that they will need to bring a Drivers license in order to complete an I-9 is in violation of employment law.

In most cases the employer will have informed the employee what types of documents are acceptable.  Still it helps to be able to communicate this information directly to the employee.  The best thing you can do as the Mobile Notary acting as an authorized agent is to refer the employee to the list of acceptable documents contained in the I-9 Form instructions.

When referring the employee to the instructions let them know that they will need to bring a list A or B & C document in order to complete the Form properly.  If you are working with someone who gets a bit frustrated with your vague answer you can refer them to the top of page 7 of the I9 and instructions. There it clearly states that you are not allowed to discuss what specific types of ID are required in order to complete the I9.

As a Mobile Notary being able to adapt to the different requirements of the services you perfume is vital to ensuing repeat business with Nationwide Notary service providers.

5 Goal Setting Tips for Your Mobile Notary Service

Goals help us with the daily activities of our life.  They help to point us in a direction. The help to keep us focused and add value to our lives.

It seems as though the most successful folks have goals, they write them down and they review them.

As a Mobile Notary service you do not need to set goals.  You can fly by the seat of your pants going from week to week, month to month and year to year with out defining the direction of your service and have some success.

Reach your goals is a discipline and its not for every one.  Below are 4 tips for setting and reach your goals.

1st be realistic, set goals that you can reach not ones that are so unrealistic that you end up failing, and feel really bad about the process.  Goals need to be fun and bring a benefit to your life.  Saying that you will make 10 million dollars in your fist year as a Mobile Notary may be unrealistic for most people.  Those of you just starting your busines may want to set a goal of making $1000 in your first 3 months.  Other more seasoned notaries may want to set a goal a wining 3 new client.  Whatever goal you want to set be realistic and build from there.

2nd.  Set a time line for your goal.  All goals need a due date.  Goals with out a due date are dreams, and dreams are awesome.  This article is about goal setting strategies, so you need a due date.  Keep your time frames at 12 month or under when your just starting out with goal setting.  Maybe there is a task that you have been putting off for some time.  A phone call or advertising you want to run with.  Try setting weekly goals and monthly goals at first.  If you have been running a Mobile Notary service for a number of year, set quarterly and yearly revenue targets.

3rd write down your goals and review them daily.  Keep them in your pocket.  When your feeling down, or overwhelmed review them to get yourself back on track.  When people ask you what your doing tell them. They may look at you like your crazy, but that’s a good thing in this case.  Reviewing your goals can help keep your mind clear, focused and on track.

4th  take action.  With out action you will not get to where you want to go and like will take you wherever it may lead.  Each goal will be reached through small incremental action steps.  These steps should be written down, check them off as you go and giver your self a high five with each step that you take.

5th make time to celebrate.  Achieving a goal is an awesome thing, and needs to be celebrated. You did it!  You took the time to write down a goal.  You set a time line. You reviewed your goal.  You took action towards your goal!  You need to celebrate and enjoy the moment.  Then its on to the next goal.

Have you ever set a reach a goal?  How did you feel when you made it happen?

Three Missourians Sentenced for Defrauding Consumers Seeking Immigration Services

On August 27th 2013 the Department of Justice, Office of Public Affairs released a statement that Three Missourians were sentenced to prisons terms for Defrauding consumers seeking immigration services.

The defendants were sentenced in federal court in connection with an immigration fraud schemed.  They formerly worked at Immigration Forms and Publication (IFP), a Sedalia, MO company.  IFP falsely stated to consumers the they were affiliated with the federal government and that their sales

representatives were immigration agents.  The fees paid to IFP covered filing fees for immigration documents, and that IFP could speed up the application process.  The three defendants plead guilty to wire and mail fraud charges.

US District Judge Brian C. Wimes sentenced, Elizabeth Meredith to one year and day in prison, Thomas Laurence, 31 to 130 months in prison and Thomas Strawbridge 50 to 82 months in prison.  The court found that the defendants caused customers to lose a total of more the $400,000.  The defendants were order to pay $613,969 in restitution to the victims in addition to the prison time.

“Immigrants who come to this country and  try to play by the rules deserve fair treatment under the law – not to be bilked out of their hard-earned savings by those looking for a quick buck,” said Stuart F. Delery, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Civil Division.  “We are pleased to have worked with our law enforcement partners to bring to justice the leaders of this fraudulent operation.”

“This company exploited more than a thousand law-abiding immigrants by selling them government forms that anyone can obtain for free,” said U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri Tammy Dickinson.  “They preyed on legal immigrants who were doing their best to follow the law, and they are being held accountable for their fraud and deceit.”

Court documents show that Strawbridge founded and owned IFP and operated the business in 2009 and 2010.   The company sold USCIS  immigration forms that are available for free to immigrants using fraudulent means.  In addition IFP reps falsely claimed that they handled excess call volume for USCIS.  IFP falsely told consumers that the Company employed paralegals would could help customers correctly fill out immigration forms and forms purchased though IFP would be more quickly processed then if they dealt directly with USCIS.

Consumers were falsely told that IFP fees would include government processing charges.  The IFP representatives concealed that the government would charge processing fees that the customer would be responsible for.  A high number of customers had complained and requested refunds and this fact was also concealed by IFP employees.  IFP employees had no expertise in immigration matters.

For information on avoiding immigration services fraud, go to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website:

How Mobile Notary Teams work with A Nationwide Notary Service

As a mobile notary providing I-9 certification for remote hires to companies, loan signing services to Signing services and Title Companies, and individual notarizations to the general public, you may find in necessary, prudent and profitable to partner up with another Notary Public to increase your capacity for accepting assignments.

In this article we will review the do’s and don’ts of your team working with a Nationwide Notary service.

Do let the company know when they are asking you to perform a mobile Notary service that you will be having your partner complete the job.  This is because many times the signing service will need a record of the actual notary that will be performing the services.  This information maybe passed along to the borrow as well, and an expectation that you will be showing up.  It can be very unpleasant for the borrow to expect you only to have your partner show up.

Do not assume that the company seeking your services understands that you will be passing the job off to someone else.

Do make sure that the company authorizes you to have a partner perform the services.  Many companies have contracts and requirements that your partner may or may not meet.  If you are looking to build a long term relationship its paramount that you are upfront, seek permission and allow the company to approve your partner as an authorized vendor.

Do not assume that just because you are an authorized vendor of the signing service means you can have anyone process the assignment or have access to the documents.  Many companies are very concerned about the privacy of the documents and may contain very privet information that must be protected.

Do keep a record of who completed the assignment.  Whether it’s you or your partner, from time to time it maybe necessary to fix a mistake.  Being able to go back and determine who completed the assignment is crucial to fixing errors in a timely and efficient manner.

Do check with the Notary service to and see if they have a policy when working with Notary teams.  Many will be more then happy to work with you if you are upfront about it.  On the other hand other companies may have a strict policy against such practices and may be a reason that you no longer get called for assignments.

Do you work in with a partner?  If so how do you work with Nationwide Notary services?