5 Goal Setting Tips for Your Mobile Notary Service

Goals help us with the daily activities of our life.  They help to point us in a direction. The help to keep us focused and add value to our lives.

It seems as though the most successful folks have goals, they write them down and they review them.

As a Mobile Notary service you do not need to set goals.  You can fly by the seat of your pants going from week to week, month to month and year to year with out defining the direction of your service and have some success.

Reach your goals is a discipline and its not for every one.  Below are 4 tips for setting and reach your goals.

1st be realistic, set goals that you can reach not ones that are so unrealistic that you end up failing, and feel really bad about the process.  Goals need to be fun and bring a benefit to your life.  Saying that you will make 10 million dollars in your fist year as a Mobile Notary may be unrealistic for most people.  Those of you just starting your busines may want to set a goal of making $1000 in your first 3 months.  Other more seasoned notaries may want to set a goal a wining 3 new client.  Whatever goal you want to set be realistic and build from there.

2nd.  Set a time line for your goal.  All goals need a due date.  Goals with out a due date are dreams, and dreams are awesome.  This article is about goal setting strategies, so you need a due date.  Keep your time frames at 12 month or under when your just starting out with goal setting.  Maybe there is a task that you have been putting off for some time.  A phone call or advertising you want to run with.  Try setting weekly goals and monthly goals at first.  If you have been running a Mobile Notary service for a number of year, set quarterly and yearly revenue targets.

3rd write down your goals and review them daily.  Keep them in your pocket.  When your feeling down, or overwhelmed review them to get yourself back on track.  When people ask you what your doing tell them. They may look at you like your crazy, but that’s a good thing in this case.  Reviewing your goals can help keep your mind clear, focused and on track.

4th  take action.  With out action you will not get to where you want to go and like will take you wherever it may lead.  Each goal will be reached through small incremental action steps.  These steps should be written down, check them off as you go and giver your self a high five with each step that you take.

5th make time to celebrate.  Achieving a goal is an awesome thing, and needs to be celebrated. You did it!  You took the time to write down a goal.  You set a time line. You reviewed your goal.  You took action towards your goal!  You need to celebrate and enjoy the moment.  Then its on to the next goal.

Have you ever set a reach a goal?  How did you feel when you made it happen?