Remote I9s The 3 Required Section 1 Fields Employees Most Often Miss and What to do About it.

If you work in the human resources department these days chances are you have come across the need to have an I9 completed for a remote employee.  

At first glance, this seems like a relatively easy task. You send an email to the employee, provide them with an I9 as well as some brief instructions and voila the employee returns an I9 that is completed correctly and on time right….


In many cases the I9 is unusable.

You can get ahead start by providing clear, concise and easy to follow process document to the employee that will help the to complete Section 1 of the I9 correctly.

Here are the 3 required fields most often missed by the employee.

1. Middle Initial

Section 1 of the From I9 is a required field, and should not be left blank. The employees should be instructed to enter in there current middle initial. In the event that the employee does not have a middle initial instruct the employee to enter in “N/A”.

2. Other Legal Last Names

Other Legal Last names is another required field often missed by employees. Employees are required to enter in any and all legal last names that they have ever been known by. Should the employee not have any other legal last names they will need to enter in “N/A”.

3. Apartment Number

Who knew that an apartment number was so critical to completing Section 1 of the I9. Most employees who do not have an apartment number will simply skip this field, however, like missing any other required field this mistake can lead to fines in the event of an I9 audit. Instruct the employee to enter in “N/A” in the apartment number field.

By providing employees with solid institutions may be enough it’s important to specify which fields the employee is required to fill out. Doing so can help HR departments to meet I9 From compliance for their remote employees.