3 Advantages of Being A Part Time Mobile Notary

The Mobile Notary Signing Agent has seen more than its fair share of ups and downs of the past few years. Many folks no matter how hard they tried were for one reason of another not able to make it as a full time Mobile Notary Signing Agent.  Many of them found work in other industries and no longer provide Notary services, while other who did find work kept on keeping on and are able to provide Notary services on a part time basis.

Those folks who provide part time services have a distinct advantage over their  Full Time competitors.

1.  Part Time Mobile Notaries can offer services at lower prices compared to their full time counterparts.  Full time agents typically have only once source for income and the fewer orders they receive the higher their prices go as they must cover their operating expenses as well as their monthly living expenses.  Part time Agents with full time jobs that provide enough income to cover their living expenses do not have the same expense pressures.  As such they can charge lower rates, and capture more clients, leaving the full time Agents with fewer and fewer opportunities for new business.

2.  Part Time Agents experience less stress (in theory) with running their Mobile Notary Service. When you are running a service on the side while being employed full time you do not tend to worry about a slow day, week or month.  Typically this is a way for you to make additional money on the side and you are not counting on it as a way to make ends meet, but a means to an end.  When a full time agent has a slow month it can be devastating, when a part time agent has a slow month, meh.

3.  PTO?  When a full time Signing Agent gets sick or takes a vacation the make zero.  Part time Mobile Notaries with full time jobs may receive paid time off or PTO.  While the full time agent is sick and making themselves sicker by worrying about how to make ends meet, the part time Notary may be getting paid to hang out on a beach, sipping cocktails, working on their tan and creating awesome memories.

Part time Mobile Notary Signing Agents have some real advantages to their full time counterparts.  Price flexibility, less stress and PTO are just a few.  What other advantages do you think part time agents have?