How a Mobile Notary should communicate the ID requirements of the I-9 Form

Mobile Notaries that perform both Notarizations and I-9 verification for Remote Hires need to understand the different ID requirements of the I-9 form and what type of instructions are allowed in regards to the ID that the employee brings to the appointment.

While completing a I-9 as a Notary Public is becoming more and more common, there still is a lot of confusion on what forms of ID(s) are acceptable.  In your day to day activities informing the borrow that you will need a Driver Licensee in order to properly notarize the documents is helpful and considered part of providing excellent service.  On the other hand telling an employee that they will need to bring a Drivers license in order to complete an I-9 is in violation of employment law.

In most cases the employer will have informed the employee what types of documents are acceptable.  Still it helps to be able to communicate this information directly to the employee.  The best thing you can do as the Mobile Notary acting as an authorized agent is to refer the employee to the list of acceptable documents contained in the I-9 Form instructions.

When referring the employee to the instructions let them know that they will need to bring a list A or B & C document in order to complete the Form properly.  If you are working with someone who gets a bit frustrated with your vague answer you can refer them to the top of page 7 of the I9 and instructions. There it clearly states that you are not allowed to discuss what specific types of ID are required in order to complete the I9.

As a Mobile Notary being able to adapt to the different requirements of the services you perfume is vital to ensuing repeat business with Nationwide Notary service providers.