Remote I-9: No your employee may not select their Authorized Agent

According to the USCIS website, the employer must choose the Authorized Agents for completing a remote employee From I9.

Now either you know that and your companies remote I9 process is deliberately looking the other way, or this is new news to you.

Either way, there are some steps that you and your organization can take to ensure that you meet this key compliance standard.

One develops a network of partner offices that will meet with your employee’s and complete Section 2 or Section 3 of the Form I-9. This works well for Companies that hire the bulk of their remote employee in a few centralized cities. Call on staffing offices, mailbox stores, even title companies, ask for the office manager and explain your situation.

Two if your organization uses an onboarding platform, Electronic I9 vendor background screening service, check to see what their current capabilities are. Should your vendor not have a solution suggest that find one.

Three tap into a service that provides traveling I9 Agents and/or an established brick and mortar network of offices. These networks typically provide training and support to their Agents and office network staff and make designating an Authorized Agent easy and compliant.

Finally asking your employee to use a friend, family member or colleague does not satisfy the requirement that the employer designates the Agent for section 2. Nor does tell the employee to go to a local bank or UPS store.

Form I-9 compliance for remote employees can be a challenge, looking the other way and cutting corners only puts you and your organization reputation at risk and opens you up to fines in the event of an audit.

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