What All I-9 Authorized Representative Need to Know About the New I9 Form

Today (07/17/2017) USCIS has released a revised Form I-9. And from the looks of it, there is little that has changed.

Like the previous version of the Form I9, Section 1 will need to be completed by the employee on or before their first day of work. Employers and their Authorized Representatives should still make sure that all the required fields are completed, and when a field is not applicable be entering in “N/A”.

Just as Section 1 of the I9 has not changed (much) Section 2 remains the same as well. Section 2 still needs to be completed via a face to face meeting with the employee and the employer or their Authorized Representative. Those employees who have remote employees and have the I9 competed remotely will need to be sure that this new I9 is being used.

With the newly revised I-9 form looking exactly the same as the previous I9 how does the I9 Authorizes Representative know that they are indeed completing the correct I9? Simply take a look at the bottom left-hand corner of the I9. On both page 1 and 2 is the I-9 revision date, which in this case is 07/17/17 N.

US employers can continue to use the old Form I-9 but will need to begging using the newly revised I9 on or before 09/18/2017.