2 Best Practices for a Remote I9 Process

2 Best Practices for a Remote I9 Process

Let's face it getting a remote I-9 completed correctly, on time and in full is not an easy thing to do. And while it is easier to cut corners and have the employee fax in their ID copies and complete the I9 in house it can lead to hefty fines in the event of an audit.

So what can your organization do to implement best practice standards with regards to your remote I-9 process?

Best Practice Number 1:

Begin your remote I9 process when ordering background screenings and your drug screens.

First your timeline. As most of us know Section 1 of the I-9 will need to be completed on or before the employee's first day of employment additionally section 2 the I-9 needs to be completed within 3 business days of the employee's first date of employment. By initiating the remote I-9 process prior to the employee's first day of employment can help an organization meet I9 compliance timelines.

Best Practice Number 2:

The organization should always select the I9 authorized representative or designate a third party vendor to work on their behalf.

Putting the responsibility on the new hire to locate an I9 authorized representative who can correctly complete the I9 is a flawed and frustrating experience. Employers should be designating the I9 representative that work on their behalf or hire a 3rd party vendor to manage the remote I9 process for the organization. Doing so help to maintain I9 compliance and makes the onboarding experience for the employee go smoothly.

Organizations that Implement these two best practices should expect happier remote employees a reduction in I9 Form errors and timelines that meet compliance.