How Mobile Notary Teams work with A Nationwide Notary Service

As a mobile notary providing I-9 certification for remote hires to companies, loan signing services to Signing services and Title Companies, and individual notarizations to the general public, you may find in necessary, prudent and profitable to partner up with another Notary Public to increase your capacity for accepting assignments.

In this article we will review the do’s and don’ts of your team working with a Nationwide Notary service.

Do let the company know when they are asking you to perform a mobile Notary service that you will be having your partner complete the job.  This is because many times the signing service will need a record of the actual notary that will be performing the services.  This information maybe passed along to the borrow as well, and an expectation that you will be showing up.  It can be very unpleasant for the borrow to expect you only to have your partner show up.

Do not assume that the company seeking your services understands that you will be passing the job off to someone else.

Do make sure that the company authorizes you to have a partner perform the services.  Many companies have contracts and requirements that your partner may or may not meet.  If you are looking to build a long term relationship its paramount that you are upfront, seek permission and allow the company to approve your partner as an authorized vendor.

Do not assume that just because you are an authorized vendor of the signing service means you can have anyone process the assignment or have access to the documents.  Many companies are very concerned about the privacy of the documents and may contain very privet information that must be protected.

Do keep a record of who completed the assignment.  Whether it’s you or your partner, from time to time it maybe necessary to fix a mistake.  Being able to go back and determine who completed the assignment is crucial to fixing errors in a timely and efficient manner.

Do check with the Notary service to and see if they have a policy when working with Notary teams.  Many will be more then happy to work with you if you are upfront about it.  On the other hand other companies may have a strict policy against such practices and may be a reason that you no longer get called for assignments.

Do you work in with a partner?  If so how do you work with Nationwide Notary services?