Nationwide Notary Services and the Angry Mobile Notary

As a Nationwide service we have worked with tens of thousands of Mobile Notaries.  Some of whom are awesome beyond belief, and truly become trusted partners with the Signing Service.  The really bad ones will leave a lasting impression, give the team a good laugh and put them straight on their do not call list.

It tends to be the angry ones that hit the notary forms and vent for all to hear.  Their one sided account of situations can be comical, and at the same time damaging not just to the Notary service but to other Notaries that rely on Notary Forms as a way to run a credit check of sorts.  These posts can make it harder for other Mobile Notaries to trust signings services, because it is almost all bad most of the time.

From slow pay to low pay, to no pay too ideal threats to report the signing service to every regulatory body in America and the Better Business bureau too. Perhaps it is the Mobile Notary that created the situation that lead to a slow pay or no pay.

As a newbie Mobile Notary Business there is so much information to process, so many no-no list to read, and so many angry notaries to avoid if you want to have a successful run.  To see through it all and confidently say yes to a signing service while other are saying no, try the following.

Always say yes when you are called for an appointment.

Have a limit to how much business in dollars you are willing to perform with out being paid.

Have a system in place that addresses non payment issues that still maintains the relationship.

Never ever take it personally when you are not paid.  If you can not then turn your non payments over to an employee to do it for you.

Understand your roll and the roll of the Signing Service.

Do not leave your decision on working with a company with the Notary boards.

If you need to be paid 100% of the time, than go get a job, being a business owner is not for you.

Do not use the Notary Boards as a way of checking the credibility of the Notary Service.

For the most part Notary Forms are a great place to socialize, ask questions and tell a funny story from time to time.  Be aware that others use them as a way to damage the repudiation of Nationwide Mobile Notary Service providers or other Notary Publics.