How to handle a family emergency as a Mobile Notary

As a Nationwide Notary service we work with thousands of notaries each year.  From good to great, to back-outs and no-shows we experience it all.  Recently, we had an issue come up and thought it might be helpful to discuss.

What should you do when you have a family emergency and can not make your appointments?

Option 1, you do not update your client to let them know that you have an emergency and can not make the appointment.

Option 2, you run your appointments and ignore your emergency.

Option 3, you email your client letting them know that you have a family emergency and can no longer make the appointment.

Before we give you the correct answer (as we see it) its important to understand what your Signing Service client will experience with each option above.

If you go with option 1, it will most likely result in what signing services refer to as a “no show”.  It’s one of the worst possible outcomes, and grounds for immediate un-approval for most of the clients that you work with.  Your client looks bad, their client looks bad and, in fact everyone in this situation looks bad.

Going with option 2?  Why would you ignore your family if there is an emergency?  Your client won’t be doing any back flips for you.  Many will just want you to put your family first anyway.

Option 3.  Your client has time to replace the request with another Mobile Notary, or at the very lease they can update their client that there would be a delay in processing the request.  Your client more then likely will understand that life can and will happen from time to time.  They will be grateful for the notice and more then likely want to continue the working relationship you probably worked hard for.

So the answer is 3.

Things can and do come up.  As a Nationwide Notary service focused on I9 verification for remote hires, we find it incredibly important that our notaries update us when they can not make it to an appointment due to a family emergency.  It shows that you understand what it takes to take care of both your family and clients.

How do you handle your clients when you have a family emergency?