3 Mistakes Mobile Notaries Must Avoid to Keep and Attract Clients

It’s been hard being a signing agent the past few years, and if interest rates keep going up, it may get much harder.   Maybe you’ve been at this for years, or you’re just starting to put the wear on the tries.  No matter where you’re at with your small business, it’s important that you are able to attract and keep customers or you’ll burn out, give up, or worse, stay exactly where you are.

Nationwide Mobile Notary Signing Services can be a lucrative customer for a traveling Notary Public, as they tend to have a large volume of requests.  This volume could provide you with $300 – $650 in revenue per month and more.  Sure, the per file rate is low, maybe $65, while a title company client may pay $125.  Then again, 10 requests at $65 per file is more then 2 requests at $125 per file.  So there is some real value in keeping and attracting Signing Services as clients.

As a Nationwide Mobile Notary Service that specializes in I-9 Form employment verifications for Remote Hires, we have worked with thousands of notaries across the United States for more then 10 years, and would like to share with you 3 mistakes you must avoid in order to keep and attract Notary Signing Services as clients.

First, never dictate to a Signing Service how the appointment is going to be run.  Sure you’re an independent contract and you can do it your way, but at the same time, a Signing Service does not have to call you again.  Most want you to provide the services within the guidelines and policies of the company.  They do this in order to provide an overall consistent service to their customers.  Stay within the guidelines and you’re more likely to get another opportunity.  Do not, and your chances are you will not.

Second, never provide the Signing Service with your rates.  They’re more than likely not to honor them and they are not interested in them.  The service provider dictates the fees 90% – 95% of the time.  When you e-mail them a rate sheet after accepting a request, it shows that you do not understand the nature of the signing service business and will make them question your ability to perform the appointment up to their standards.

Finally, never back out of an appointment because you didn’t realize you double-booked yourself, or you didn’t realize the appointment was farther away for the rate you agreed to,  or because you got a better offer for the appointment time.  Backing out for these reasons or any reason is almost always unacceptable, and chances are the signing service will never want to work with you again.

By avoiding these three mistakes, as an owner of a traveling Notary Public service, you will give yourself the best possibility at a second opportunity for work and the possibility of a client that could provide you with a few thousand dollars a year.