New Form I-9 as a Notary Public are you ready?

Maybe you have noticed that there is a new Form I-9 that employers are using.  If you have not yet employers will have until May 7th 2013 to make the switch and as a Notary working as an authorized agent to our nations employers you need to be ready.

The first change you will notice about the Form I-9 is that the from it self is now 2 pages rather then one.  This was done to make the from easier to understand, for employers, employees as well as authorized agents.  The idea was to minimize the common mistakes that are made while completing Form I-9.

Is section 1 you can see that there have been a few new fields entered asking for both the phone number as well as the e-mail address for the employee.  This information is optional, and an employer can not require the information to be filled out.  It is completely within the employee’s discretion to provide this information.

Section 1 still needs to be signed a dated by the candidate and must be completed on or before their first day of employment.

It’s important to note that employers or their authorized agents still can not tell the employee what types of ID to use for completing the I-9 Form.  At best the employee must be referred to the list of acceptable documents and determine on their own what ID to use for the Form I-9.

Section 2 of the I-9 Form

Take a look at the top of page 2 just underneath the instructions.  There you will see that the employee’s first and last name as well as middle initial needs to be completed by the Notary Public (authorized agent) as it papers in section 1.  This is new, so take a little extra care when completing this part as it might take a little time getting used to it.

Section 2 will still need to be completed on or before the 3rd business day of the employees first day of employment.  By looking at the I-9 Form you can see that there are still three list letters, A, B, & C.  As before that employee still needs to present to the Notary (authorized agent) or employee either a List a document or a List B & C document.

As you can see under list A, there are now additional fields for adding document information as required by the I-9 from.  This will be used in such times as when accepting a foreign passport with an I-551 stamp or Visa.  Giving the Notary more room to complete the required information for List A documents.

Another change you can easily see is the 7 pages of instructions to review for completing the Form I-9.  As a mobile Notary or Notary Public it’s probably a good idea to review the instructions once or twice to familiarize yourself with these new changes.

As a Notary Public working and an authorized agent for I-9 Form completion it’s important to get failure with the new changes.  And remember that starting on May 7th 2013 all employers must be using the new I-9 From.