How a Nationwide Mobile Notary Service can simplify the Records Retrieval Process

If your litigation support service has a daily on going need for the services of a Notary Public to assist with picking up records and notarizing affidavits then having some knowledge of how a Nationwide Mobile Notary service can help you company improve outcomes while reducing costs could be an answer to a question you have yet to ask.

A Nationwide provider of Mobile Notary Public services can help a company by:

1Improving turn around times for retrieving records and notarized documents.


1Controlling cost with a fix fee service throughout the nation.

1Reduce staff hours dedicated to scheduling and managing the mobile notary requests.


1Improve quality with a service provider that insures that all their notaries are licensed, insured, and background screened.

Improving turn around times

Mobile Notary services that provider services through out the United States can improve your turn around time.  Because these types of service providers have a large network of traveling Notaries, staff dedicated to scheduling the requests, and internal technology to streamline the process, orders can be processed faster then in-house staff.

Controlling cost

Another advantage when working with a nationwide mobile Notary service is there ability to control costs.  Most litigation support services have a large volume of service request and therefore can have the option of volume discounting from their service provider, as well as a fixed rate for services performed.

Reduce staff hours dedicated to scheduling and managing the mobile notary requests

Do you know how much time your team dedicates to the scheduling and managing of your notary requests?  Could that time be put to better use?  Mobile Notary scheduling services saves time by doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to your request.  They will schedule as well as mange the request, and ensure a successful outcome.  This frees up your team to focus on other areas of your business while providing a single point of contact for your service requests.

Improve Quality

Are you doing your due diligence on each Notary Public you use for record pick ups?  Have all your Notary contractors signed an independent contractor’s agreement with your company?  Using a nationwide mobile notary scheduling service can help you with your due diligence.  When selecting a company to work with be sure that they conduct a background check, verify licenses and have an independent contractors agreement in place for each Notary Public that they work with.  This way you and your clients are covered should something go wrong.

Good things come when partnering, but choosing the right nationwide service provider for your record retrievals is key.  Before selecting the mobile notary service be sure they;

1Offer service through out the United States


1Offer fixed rate pricing and volume discounts


1Have technology in place that helps speed up the process.


1Does their due diligence on each Notary Public they work with.