State Introduces New Online Notary Service

INDIANAPOLIS—Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced today that his Business Services Division has launched a new online Notary portal to reduce the cost of government and to increase the speed of customer service for Indiana Notaries public. Now in Indiana, Notary commissions and revisions will occur exclusively online.

“With over 80,000 currently in service, Notaries public make up the largest single group of public officials in Indiana,” said Secretary Rokita. “My office has used innovation and technology to develop an online home for Notaries to conduct their transactions with the state. Now, it is easier and more cost-efficient than ever for Hoosiers to file Notary applications and revisions.”

Notary public is a public officer of the state, authorized by law to certify documents, take affidavits, and administer oaths. A Notary public is appointed for an eight year term after being commissioned by the State of Indiana.

The online Notary service will allow a current notary to update contact information in just a few moments. The online service will also accept new Notary applications and renewals. The Business Services Division will be able to expedite the Notary commission process with the online system.

To increase aptitude among Notaries public, the online portal also includes a new training module which Notaries are required to complete to receive their commissions. This training module can also be reviewed by current Notaries interested in advancing their knowledge of Notary guidelines and rules.

To access the new online Notary service, visit

Online Notary is the latest in a series of technology improvements made by Secretary Rokita’s office this year in order to reduce the cost of government and increase customer service. Recent improvements also include the Dealer Services Division’s Plates On-Demand online program as well as the Indiana Election Division’s “Who’s on Your Ballot?” and Indiana Campaign Finance online tools.

Source: Office of Indiana Secretary of State