Getting Prepared for your Mobile Notary Service Appointment

Getting Prepared for your Mobile Notary Service Appointment

Lets face it, as a customer of a mobile notary service you don’t want any surprise problems to pop up during your appointment.   Especially when it involves issues that could of easily been resolved prior to the mobile notary appointment.

Little things like not having proper ID, can lead to a Notarization being refused.

So being prepared for you appointment means your trusting your service provider to give all the information you will need to have a successful and enjoyable mobile notary appointment.

Once you have decided on which mobile notary is right for you.  It’s time to get prepared.  A few things you will need for a successful notarization are;

1An unexpired photo ID that includes the name, physical description, signature and unique identifying number issues by A state or federal agency,

2The physical appearance of the document signer.

3The document that requires the Notary Public seal

4The person appearing before the Notary Public must be able to read and understand the contents of the document.

5There must be no undue influence on the individual signing the document.

No form time to time photo ID will not be possible, this is true in cases of seniors, stolen ID, and hospital patients.  In these cases there is some flexibility in the Identification process that the mobile notary public can work with in.  An example of this is that 2 creditable witnesses can be used to ID the signer.  The witnesses must provide proper ID, have personal knowledge of who the individual is appearing before the notary public, be willing to swear to the identity of the individual and not benefit from the transition in any way.  Every state have their own rules and laws governing Notaries and the notarization process.  Be sure to check with your secretary of stats office Notary division for more information.

The more you know abut the requirement of your notarization the more likely you are to have a successful outcome.  The next time you ask a mobile notary to come to your home or schedule mobile notary service, ask them what you will need to have a successful notarization.

Please do not consider this article to be legal advice.