Your Mobile Notary business. How Expanding Your Expertise Can Lead to More Profit

Running your own Mobile Notary business can be a rewarding challenge.  But when trying to grow your business many notaries can feel as if they are on a hamster wheel.  Rather then just putting up a website, creating a profile on or signing up as a vendor with signing service after signing service try expanding your areas of expertise, to win your way to more profits.

First there is one sure way to prove that you’re an expert mobile Notary Public.  Join the National Notary Association, take there certified loan signing agent training and undergo their back ground screening.  Hands down this in one of the best things you can do for your business.  Notary only will they provide you with training for conduction loan closings, it demonstrates to those that you work with that you take your roll as a Notary Public seriously, have invested both money and time into expanding your knowledge, and is a great resource for when you have a question about a notarization.

Second, expand your knowledge don’t just do loan closings.  Lets face it the market is ever changing and so are the rolls that notaries are asked to play.  Did you know that Notaries can act as an authorized agent to companies for completing employee I-9 From verification.  While an I-9 verification is not a Notarial Act, Notaries with knowledge of how to properly complete the I-9 Form are in short supply.  And short supply plus high demand can lead to more profits.

Third, become a certified process server and add one more service that you can offer.  A process server business and a mobile notary business have some similarities.  One they both require traveling, reviewing and process paper work, and provides the freedom and flexibility of being a mobile notary.  Second licensing requirements are relatively easy to obtain, and finally adding this expertise to your business can again win you more profits.

Finally get to know other Mobile Notary providers in your area.  Talk to them, help them and be helped by them.  Become a mentor and allow yourself to be mentored.  Network with them, and throw them some work or a referral from time to time.  These types of partnerships are extremely valuable to all involved.  Being a mobile notary can sometime fell like your on an island all by your self, but reach out and connecting with other mobile notaries can be rewarding and make you feel connected and needed.

Rather then just signing up with signing service after signing service, and waiting for a call, spend some time expanding your knowledge, add an additional license or two, and enter into different markets.  Get to know other mobile notaries in your area and network with them, help them, throw them a referral now and then as well  Not only will your knowledge grow, your relation ships and friendships will grow, but so will your checking account balance.

Remember its no-longer enough just to do loan closings.  Those running a mobile notary business that can expand the scoop of the services they provide are likely to succeed.