The Problems with Mobile Notary Signing Services No No Lists


People love to share their opinion with others.  Both good and bad.  Some love Coke others love Pepsi.  Talk to enough people, read enough articles or Internet posts and you will find there are different opinions and experience.  From bad to excellent.

So what does this have to do with the No No lists of Mobile Notary Signing Services?  And what is the problem with these lists?

Well lets look at what these lists really are, and how does a signing service end up on these list.

First what is a no no list?

A No No list is a list of Mobile Notary Public Signing services that 1 or more individual has had a bad experience with. A bad experience ranges for fax backs, to slow paying and non-paying companies, to scheduling reps that an individual does not like.  So a signing service ends up on a no no list.

Mobile Notaries that use these lists tend to use them like a credit report of sorts, but is that an effective strategy to build your business around?

Now some mobile notaries will say that “I don’t work for free” or “Notaries need to stick together to put these signing service out of business.”  There are so many negative posts about every signing service that it’s a wonder how some Mobile Notaries manage to stay in business.

Here is a rule of business you must accept.

You will not be paid 100% of the time.

The sooner a Mobile Notary gets out of the emotion of “getting burned” and into the logic of “that just part of the cost of doing business” the more effective they will be.

Lets look at an example of how this works.

At last check there we about 100 companies on these no no list.  If you believe that you should not work with these companies you will loose out on valuable revenue opportunities for your business.

The revenue will go to your completion, who will use it to advertise more then you, use it to become more efficient then you use it to put you out of business.

All because you use the Mobile Notary signing service no no lists as a credit report, while your competition capitalizes on their revenue opportunities.  Because your competition knows what you don’t.  There is more money to be made by working for these companies then there is to loose.

Again some people love Coke, and hate Pepsi.  Will you take the opinion of others on never try Pepsi?  Or will you try for your self and have your own opinion creating your own experiences, risking your own taste buds.

What abut the signing companies that end up on these lists because of fax backs?  Did you know that fax backs are an efficient way for signing service to insure quality and minimize signing errors as well as avoid costly loan funding delays.

Some notaries will say “I don’t make mistakes so I don’t do fax backs”.

Ever hear the saying; to error is human?

So if you don’t make mistakes then you are not human, you must be super human.

And signing companies that require fax backs do not work with super humans only humans.

Again is using these lists a strategic way to build your business?

These lists will tell you to avoid almost every mobile Notary signing service.  Signing services have the bulk of the work out there.

Very few notaries can avoid working with signing services and have their business thrive.

What do you think about mobile notary signing service no no lists?