November 7th is Notary Public Day

In 1974 Notary Public Day was created to acknowledge Notaries for their service to the public and their continuing contributions to national and international commerce. November 7th was chosen as Notary Public Day because it was on November 7th 1639 that the first Notary Public was appointed in America.

There are about 5 million notaries that server as trusted public officials in theUnited States. Their services, skill and attention to detail have become an essential function of out everyday lives

Today’s notaries are indispensable to the free flow of commerce and to the many personal transactions that transpire in daily life. Just consider the broad range of sensitive activities that require a notary’s services:

•Purchasing a Home or Vehicle

•Adopting a child

•Granting Power of attorney

•Business deals

•Administering oath

Times have changed since 1639. Technology has changed. The indispensable roll of the notary as an impartial witness, the significance of a Notarial seal on a document and the confirmation of the document singers identity continues to be an important factor in preventing fraud.