Montana Notary Seal And Ink Requirements Now In Effect

As a result of recent Montana law changes that significantly modernized the state’s Notary regulations & procedures, newly commissioned Notaries in “The Treasure State” must now use an inking stamp-type seal with specific information & a standardized format. An embossing crimper-type seal may no longer be used.

The regulations apply to all of the state’s Notaries who received a brand spanking new or renewal commission on or after October 1, 2009. The new inking stamp must be rectangular & about 1 inch by 2 ½ inches, & it must include an official circular seal bearing the Notary’s name, the words “State of Montana,” & the words “Notarial Seal” or “Notary Public” along with the following information in the rectangle:

•The Notary’s printed name exactly as it appears on the Certificate of Commission

•The title, “Notary Public for the State of Montana”

•The words “Residing at” with the name of the city or town where the Notary lives

•The Notary’s commission expiration date, shown in Month/Day/Four-Digit Year format.

As a point of clarification, Montana Notaries may no longer print a blank space in the inking stamp as part of the commission date, & then write in the date by hand. Additionally, all inking seals in the new format must be impressed with blue or black ink.

If any of the information contained in the seal/stamp changes in the coursework of the Notary’s term of office, the stamp must get replaced. Handwritten corrections are no longer allowed.

Notaries holding commissions expiring before October 1, 2013, may use their current seals until their commission expires, after which they must get a replacement seal conforming to the new format.