Mobile Notary Services: When and Why To Use Them.

There comes a time in a person’s life that they will need a Notary Public.Whether it’s expected as in the cases where loan documents, contracts, or legal documents need to be signed or unexpectedly when a loved one is ill or is hospitalized and there is a need for a power of attorney or medical directive document to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.Perhaps your car has been impounded and you need to have a vehicle release authorization notarized.

In some cases you can simply head downtown to your local mail store or bank, meet with a Notary Public, have your document notarized and then be on your way. However there are times when taking a trip downtown is either unrealistic or it’s just not convenient. This is when the services of aMobile Notary can help you.


Below are a few examples of when to use the services of a mobile notary public.

1You and your spouse need to sign a trust document and have it notarized, however you both work late and are unable to get to your local notary during the day at the same time. On top of that it’s much more convenient for the two of you to sign the paper work while you’re at home together. This is a great time to use the services of a mobile notary public as most notaries are available to meet with you at your convenience, day or night.

2You own or work for a company that regularly or occasionally needs to have documents or contracts notarized, such as equipment leases, vehicle delivery forms, or legal documents for lawsuits or probate matters. When using the services of a mobile notary in these situations, you not only speed up the process of having your documents notarized by setting the time table for when your client will meet with the notary, you also show that you go the extra mile by providing a value added time saving service.

3There are those times when it becomes physically impossible for someone to go and meet with a notary public, such as when loved ones fall unexpectedly ill, are in a nursing home, or are in a tragic accident. In these situations documents may need to be signed and notarized at a moment’s notice, and using the services of a mobile notary can make a critical difference. A mobile notary public is able to travel to hospitals, nursing homes, and just about any other location they are needed and there services are available at a moments notice.

Knowing when and why you need a notary public will help you to determine if using the services of a mobile notary is the right decision for you, your business and your clients. Remember that most notaries will charge additional travel fees for their services so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing to use the services of a mobile notary public.