Mobile Notary advertising, the good and the bad


Mobile Notary advertising, the good and the bad

As mobile notary publics, we all wish that we could get our phone ringing off the hook like it was just a few years ago. At that time there wasn’t really much we had to do in the way of advertising to keep our phone ringing.Today, it’s a very different story.

Since the REFI boom ended there has been less work and more mobile notaries than ever before. The phones are no longer ringing off the hook and we are no longer turning away work. In fact, some of us are desperate for it.

Many mobile notary publics are turning towards advertising as a way to keep their phone ringing and business going. From notary search sites to yellow pages to PPC search engine marketing, every advertising avenue comes with different advantages as well as disadvantages. 

Notary search sites

For a mobile notary a notary list is a very effective way to get your name in front of people who are looking for a notary public. These sites work by offering people who are looking for a notary public the ability to search for notaries within a specific zip code. Once the person starts a search they are given a list of names to select from and are then provided with the contact information to the notary.

Advantages: People calling you from the site actually need a notary. Some sites are free to advertise on.

Disadvantages: Most mobile notaries are on these sites so it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. The actual number of people using theses sites to search for a notary may be very low.

Yellow Page Advertising

For a mobile notary yellow page advertising can be very effective. Think about how you use your local yellow pages when you’re looking for something. If you’re like most people, when searching through the yellow pages you’re ready to buy. You are not looking through the local phone book for a cab company just to gather more information or check on pricing. No, you need a cab. And it’s the same with a mobile notary service, people looking in the local yellow pages for a notary public need a notary public, maybe even a mobile notary public, and chances are that if you have an add you will receive a call.

Advantages: Low cost. People using the local yellow pages are looking to buy.

Disadvantages: You can not change your add once published. In markets where there are a lot of other notary publics or mobile notaries advertising it can be hard to stand out.

PPC Search engine marketing

PPC is the common term used for what is known as pay per click advertising or pay for performance advertising. It works like this: search engines like Google and Yahoo offer you advertising for specific key words or phrases like “mobile notary” and you agree to pay a fee for each time someone clicks on your advertising. This form of advertising is very popular and effective. You have the control to set your daily or monthly budget so you never really over spend on your advertising, however to be effective you will need a website for your mobile notary service.

Advantages: Helps to control advertising costs. Real time key word or key phrase control. Be seen only when people are searching for your key words or phrases.

Disadvantages: Certain key words can be very expensive. You open yourself up to click fraud.

When you’re looking for new ways to advertise your mobile notary service, keep in mind the commitment you will be making with the advertiser. While some companies do not require any term commitments, others will want year long or multi year commitments. Never sign an agreement without reviewing the terms and conditions that you are going to be agreeing to, and make sure you have a solid understanding of what you can expect from your advertising.