Terms of Use Agreement & Client Payment Policy

N3 Notary schedules and arranges for Notaries to appear at signing ceremonies throughout the United States for clients that place orders for mobile notary services. Some Advertisers located in the various sections of this site are not employed by or part of N3 Notary. Information placed on the site by Clients of N3 Notary and our subcontractors may be governed by various states and federal laws, as well as rules and regulations of state and federal licensing bodies. It is the responsibility of the Notary or advertiser to conform to and maintain all requirements in respect to any laws, licenses required, designations used, claims made, or abilities stated. Neither N3 Notary, its owners or subcontractors, agents or assigns will give legal advice.  If there are questions about content, meaning, or affect of a document to be notarized you should ask for professional advice of an Attorney licensed to practice in your area.  We may be of assistance in helping you to identify but, you will be responsible to provide to the Notary, proper identification and the proper legal documents required by you local government and state law for the notarization service you order. You may arrange for the Notary to print and deliver documents for an additional fee.

N3 Notary and its owners or subcontractors; agents or assigns assume no liability for any of the following:

  • Your use or inability to use, N3 Notary based upon the following circumstances: (a) any misrepresentation, (b) presentment of fake ID, (c) having no ID available, (d) signature is refused, (e) the order for the notary service is canceled, (f) if there is no need for the document to be signed and notarized when the notary arrives, or (g) improper documents are presented to notary for signature.
  • Signing services of any Notary or other services ordered as a result of or use of this site.
  • Any correspondence, via E-Mail or any other method, received or placed through this site,
  • Responsibility for any loss of business or other damages for any reason including, but not limited to:
  • Acts of God.
  • Acts of war or terrorism.
  • Computer viruses.
  • Denial of service accusations.
  • Errors or omissions occurring on this site.
  • Collection of any payments due or amount owed, to any party, as a result of use of this site.

All problems with the functionality of the site are to be e-mailed in a form of letter to N3 Notary at the contact point provided on this website.

If a Notary has been arranged to appear but for one reason or another does not  show up at the right time and place the notary will provide the service at no additional charge at a convenient time and place

Client Payment Policy 
Upon placing a Notary order with a credit card or bank debit card you authorize N3 Notary to authorize the credit card or your bank account, as the case may be, for the full amount of the service ordered.    

If for any reason the order placed with N3 Notary  is cancelled or rescinded, client agrees to pay a  cancellation fee of $24.95 for N3s services rendered in locating and arranging for the notary. If cancellation occurs within two hour of signing, client agrees to pay 100% original quoted fees for N3s services. If payment for the services is not received with in 15 day of the Notaries work you agree to pay a late may payment fee equal to 09% compound interest on the amount due N3.

In the event that an N3 Notary service has been placed and but is now inconvenient or impossible for you and you elect to re-schedule the appointment on the day the service was to be performed you authorize N3 Notary to charge you on the date that was ordered at the full fee.

In the event that you have increased needs for the Notary's service at the time they arrive at the location where they have been asked to appear for a notarization (i.e.,  ordered for 4 signatures to be notarized and in fact there are 10) you will pay a $25 administration fee and the state mandated fee per notarization.  All such Notary services will be billed directly to the Credit Card the client used when placeing the service request,  if the client has been approved for invoice billing by N3 Notary client agrees to pay for all additional service fees as request within 15 day of services being rendered by N3.

If you chose to order N3 Notary Services  with a credit card and that credit card is subsequently declines N3 Notary will bill you direct and add on a penalty fee in the sum of $35.00. 

In the event the the client elects to pay for N3 Notary Services by check and the clients check payment is returned to N3 Notary for non payment the client agrees to pay an additional penalty fee in the sum of $35.00.

In the event that you the client place an order with N3 for Notary services and wish to have the N3 service fee paid through an escrow account, you agree that the N3 service fee is not contingent on the closing of the escrow account, and you the client will be responsible for paying the N3 service fee directly to N3 within 15 day of services being rendered.

By accepting N3 Notary Order confirmation and by ordering each assignment, clients of N3 Notary are bound by laws according to each state to comply with the terms in the payment policies of N3 Notary.

You agree that you will not attempt to contact any of N3 Notary, Notary Signing Agents directly for any reason in regards to the current or any future signings, nor will the client engage directly in any business with any of N3 Notary, Notary Signing Agents without N3 Notary knowledge and expressed consent in writing.

In the event of arbitration or litigation, all fees including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs as well as all incurred expenses, will be paid by the Client that is in default. These Terms of Use will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the State of Oregon without regard to conflict of law principles, and users agree that all legal proceedings related to the matters herein shall be adjudicated solely in the courts of Portland, Oregon, United States of America. To the extent any portion of these Terms of Use shall be determined to be unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such portion will be modified by the court solely to the extent necessary to cause such portion to be enforceable, and these Terms of Use, as so modified will remain in full force and effect. Any waiver of any provisions contained in these Terms of Use by N3 Notary shall not be a waiver of any other right, term, or provision of these Terms of Use. This contract supersedes any previous written or verbal contracts and applies to all services prior to or after the execution of this contract. A fax copy of this contract does NOT invalidate its enforceability.