Electronic I-9 Management

Employers need to document work status eligibility for all of the organizations employees.  With worksite enforcement actions becoming increasingly common, non-compliance with USCIS standards for Form I-9 can lead to fines and loss of reputation. 

Many organizations find their paper based process not able to meet current compliance standers,  organizations have further compliance chalanges when remote hires are part of the organizations normal hiring base. 

To help those organizations looking to move to an electronic I-9 system, and have remote hires as part of their normal hiring process,  N3 Notary offers Reach Hire Plus, an integrated electronic I-9 management and remote hire service. 

The electronic  magnet system makes the From I-9 process easy, it helps organizations to streamline their  process while  staying organized and compliant.  While the remote hire service allows them to  leverage a nationwide network of traveling notaries that act as employer agents for Form I-9 completion. 

To learn more about our Reach Hire Plus service offering please give us a call at 800.455.1146